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One of my favorite bloggers, The Pioneer Woman, posted this recipe a while ago.

It is one of my favorites. It taste so yummy and its quick. Mr. Spicy Lens liked its so its Spicy Approved!

Here is my plate. I served it with steamed rice and veggies.

Check out The Pioneer Woman for the recipe.


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I’m back. I left paradise and came home because I know just how much you missed my posts.  Now if only that were true.  I spent the last week soaking up the sun in the Caribbean. I ate a boat load of  seafood, sipped enough rum punch to get my fair share of the all-inclusive and enjoyed being unplugged from the Matrix.  However, Mr. Spicy Lens and I did find the only TV on the resort to watch the Finals.

Not to worry though, I brought y’all a present.


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