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Food Trucks.

The only food trucks I knew of in NC were the F150’s with trailers attached to the back,  parked at construction sites. The thought of eating anything from them made me itch.

Then we moved to Jersey.  Every evening, a few brightly painted trucks line up at the train stop, greeting hungry  commuters  headed home. One  evening Mr. Spicy Lens suggested we try out The Krave. With lots of reservations, we drove up the street and stood in line. To my surprise lots of people were waiting for their dinner outside of an old delivery truck.

After an extra long prayer, I looked down at my styrofoam tray filled with a Kimchidilla. I took a small bite and was pleasantly surprised.  Kimchidillas are a soft flour tortilla served with choice of meat, sour cream, shredded kimchi and monterrey jack cheese.



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