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Back in April, I cashed in my Crate and Barrel Anniversary Sale gift cards. I was digging for brown sugar in my cabinets the other day and found one of the goodies I picked up.

Honey Herb Chicken Rub!  I rubbed down some boneless and skinless chicken breasts in this yummy rub and was ready to fire up the grill!

Picture 1

These rubs are $4.95 and still available at Crate & Barrel. The Honey Herb made a nice glaze.  I used the entire packet on 2 chicken breasts that I sliced in half.


One of my favorite blogs is  Kevin & Amanda. Amanda posted a Summer Roasted Veggie Recipe recently.


I  sliced up the goods and popped them in the oven. I think I will be serving this for every dinner for the rest of the summer. It tastes amazing and looks great on a plate.


The recipe made just enough for 2 servings.  Depending on who your feeding… I would double it. The recipe calls for 1/2 tsp of kosher salt. I would use 1/4 a tsp instead.

Head over to Kevin and Amanda’s for the recipe.

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