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Today I had a taste for fried okra.

( Fried Okra in the bowl from Mary Mac’s in Atlanta, GA)

I finished up work for the day and headed to the grocery store to pick some up. After pacing up and down the frozen food section for about five times, I left grocery store #1 and headed to #2. On the way I called my mom.

Mom: ” Hello”

Me: “I’m moving back now!”

Mom: “Jacquelyn. Why?”

Me: “They don’t have fried okra here!”

Mom: ( Laughter) “Did you try another store? ”

As I walked into store #2 while on the phone with her, she made a suggestion. Check the produce section for fresh okra and fry your own.

However, Reason # 2 that I am not wanted here.

Picture 34

Jersey doesn’t have Cracker Meal either!!!!! Cracker Meal is a crushed cracker mixture used to batter food. Perfect for fried okra.

Oh, the produce section didn’t have raw okra either. Wishful thinking.

My mouth and my mind were set on Fried Okra. I hopped back in the car and drove to store #3 in North Jersey.

I was able to find frozen okra in store #3. But they didn’t have the battered kind. This store didn’t have Cracker Meal either. So I came home and fixed the rest of my dinner. I wanted a veggie plate forĀ  dinner. I can always count on this meal at three places. My Mom’s kitchen, Momma Dip’s in Chapel Hill and Cracker Barrel.

Defeated, I came home and fixed my yams, corn, peas and broccoli. It was yummy, but something was missing. FRIED OKRA.

This is a sign. Carolina Girls aren’t welcomed in Jersey.


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