This weekend Mr. Spicy Lens and I adventured to Washington DC. We caught up with friends and did a little dining. There aren’t a lot of photos on this post. Sometimes it makes for an awkward movement, taking photos of my plate at dinner with friends.

The first stop on my list was Georgia Browns.
Picture 30

I was first introduced to Georgia Browns in 2003, while visiting my BFF who was attending college at Howard. It was love at first bite.  Country Biscuits and Cornbread Sticks slathered in Honey Butter with Peach Tea.  I think I could make a meal out of just that.  My  friend and bridesmaid Tiffany met me for lunch.

I had the Petite Crab Cake Appetizer. Which consist of Crab Cake “Mini’s” served with creamed Dandelion Greens, Tomato Cucumber Salad and Citrus Tartar Sauce.

Tiffany had the Six Head-on Shrimp sauteed with Shallots, Andouille Sausage, Garlic and Scallions atop Organic Stone-Milled Grits.

I had to make room for a late afternoon snack at Chick-fil-a , so I had a light lunch.  Don’t Judge Me.

Georgia Brown’s
950 15th Street, NW (between I and K Streets, NW)
Washington, DC 20005
(202) 393-4499

That evening Mr. Spicy Lens and I met a few friends for drinks at The Gibson.
Picture 31

The Gibson is a modern day speak easy. There is no sign on the entrance and reservations are required.  They offer a variety of specialty drinks. Old-fashion fizzies, seasonal punches, and cobblers. Some of the fizzies contain egg. Our waitress informed us this adds to the thickness of the drink. Mr. Spicy Lens had a “3 way with Sam” which contained Cognac, Honey Syrup, Lemon juice, muddled strawberry, egg white, and a dash of Peychaud’s.  It was surprisingly tasty. I had a “Rainbow Cobbler”. The cobblers are all served on crushed ice. A tasty way to beat the heat.  They also have a variety of wines and mixed drinks.

The Gibson
2009 14th Street NW
Washington, DC 20009
202 232-2156

We headed to OYA for dinner. OYA is an Asian-French fusion restaurant.

Picture 32

After a day full of eating and drinks, I was almost full. So, I went for the sushi menu.  I normally eat “Chicken Nugget” Sushi also known as California Rolls. Since  I am trying to expand my palate,  I went all out last night.

The Fruit Roll Up Roll featured  avocado, crab, strawberries, kiwi, and yuzu mango.  It was almost too pretty to eat. I wish I had taken a photo of it now. D’OH!

OYA also has a Spare Rib Roll that is topped with MASHED POTATOES!!!! Crazy right??

The Spicy California Roll was mildly spicy. If your a sushi newbie, go for it. I also recommend the Shrimp Tempura Roll.

I really don’t like to feature restaurants that have a dish that was bad, but the sushi was so good.  I will advise you to stay clear of the Chicken Skewers. They were extremely dry. 

Others at the table had the Chilean Sea Bass, Braised Beef Short Rib, Lobster Mac and Cheese (YUMMY), Shrimp Bowl, Baby Lamb Chops and a Spicy Crunchy Salmon Roll.

Penn Quarter
777 9th Street, NW
Washington, DC 20001

I have a few DC readers. Have any of you been to these tasty places?

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Sunday afternoon, I finished up Eat Pray Love.

Picture 29

I absolutely loved it. Elizabeth Gilbert’s memoir is like leaving Sunday service full and happy.

It’s Elizabeth Gilbert’s spiritual journey through Italy, India and Indonesia.

I hate reviews that tell the entire book, so I won’t.

If your one of the few folks like me, who hasn’t read it yet, pick it up and enjoy being swept away in her personal journey.

If you have been hiding under a rock,  Eat Pray Love will soon be a movie. It will be released in August 2010. Julia Roberts will be playing Elizabeth.

Don’t Judge Me

Sunday night I baked a cake.

Yesterday afternoon,  I went to the gym.

Last night, after some time on the treadmill,  I came home and cooked some turkey bacon.

Then I mixed it up with  some lettuce, sliced red onion and sliced roma tomato.

I drizzled some Balsamic Vinaigrette on my BLT salad and ate what was an almost healthy dinner.

Then I went back into the kitchen, iced the cake and cut a slice.

Don’t Judge Me.

It’s a box cake. Most holidays and slow weekends, I bake cakes from scratch. Random Sunday nights, I use Betty Crocker’s SuperMoist Box Cake Mix.

I like instant gratification and the taste of Rainbow Chip Icing.

Don’t judge me because I ate cake after the gym. Don’t judge me because I sometimes use box cake mix.

I got this recipe from my BFF who is recently engaged. YAY! She passed it on to me from Miss Ann in Nashville.

It is really tasty and too good not to share.

The Goods:

Boil Bow Tie Pasta for 12-14 minutes or until Al Dente. Then sit aside.

Slice two Chicken Breasts in half. Then use wax paper/plastic wrap to cover.

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I feel like we have been on a roll for the past month. Travel for work, weddings, house-guests, holidays and fun! This weekend was all about nothing.

Saturday, we went to tour the New Meadowlands Stadium. J-E-T-S! JETS! JETS! JETS!

It was Meet Your Seats Day.

We headed to the Stadium around 8am and stood in line for a little too long.

Finally, we were allowed in to view the stadium and see our view for the upcoming season.

I was fearful I would be trampled by grown men.

This is when Mr. Spicy Lens ran ahead like a kid on his first trip to Disney.


The Bon Jovi Concert was the night before. We were greeted by the stage breakdown. That also included lots of  stale fries,  old beer and mushy nacho leftovers.


Testing out my Zoom. This is the other end zone.

Are you ready for some Football? Hard Knocks featuring the NY JETS will start August 11th on HBO.

Walking the stadium made me really sleepy.  After a nap, we went to the  movies to see Grown Ups! It was a really cute movie. Go See!

Then we went for ice cream. We recently stumbled upon a great Ice Cream Shop in our neighborhood. I don’t want to share the name just yet.

They have a small following and I don’t want the line to get any longer this summer. 🙂

This is my favorite. Rainbow Italian Ice.
They have the best Sorbet and Italian ice. The shop is 75 years old and they make homemade everything!

I also went back into my Kitchen this weekend. I was boycotting cooking since the 4th of July.


Here is the Pesto Cream Chicken Recipe.

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I think I have three too many tomato plants.

My MawMaw (grandmother) came to visit and said “You have blooms everywhere. You will have tomatoes soon. ”

A few days later, I figured out what she meant.

Once a flower blooms on a tomato plant, a little tomato comes out right behind it. It’s like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly but WAY BETTER!


I may have more tomatoes than I can use, maybe I can set up a tomato table at the Farmer’s Market.

This is my first attempt at growing anything since my Earth Science Class days.


I planted 3 different types of tomato seeds.

Then I got worried and wanted tomatoes REALLY bad this summer. So, I purchased a Roma Tomato plant from Home Depot.


My Romas are coming in everywhere! It is gonna be a tasty summer.

Here is the evolution of my Dwarf Sunflower.
Plants UpdateDSC_5538DSC_5981DSC_6295


If I only had a real backyard.

The joys of living across the Hudson sometimes includes a free concert or two.


Even if you have to get up at 4:45am, before the tourists invade Times Square.


My friend (Who went to work late and will remain nameless) and I got up before the crack of dawn and drove into the city.

We parked and took the train from Times Square to Central Park.


We arrived around 5:45 and didn’t have to stand in line for more than 10 minutes.


Once inside we waited as the crew did sound check, adjusted the lights and recorded teasers from the Park for the show.


We got there right when the park opened for the show. I was pleased with our spot. I brought my big boy lens (70-300mm) with me.


Robin Roberts and George Stephanopoulos were on vacation. We got stuck with Chris Cuomo and Elizabeth Vargas. I have no idea who they are…

Live feed of broadcast.


Mary came out around 8:15 did a quick sound check and said hello. I screamed back. I don’t think she heard me.


Then they shot another teaser and I screamed HI MOM! ( My mom was watching from the beach.)

Mary came out around 8:30 and preformed “I Am”.



Mary’s Boots. I made a bet with my nameless friend around 5ish, that Mary would have on Boots. Any true MJB fan knows Mary always wears amazing leather boots. Since it is the first week of July, my nameless friend didn’t think Mary would wear boots. As soon as she tipped on stage, I kept trying to snap a photo of the boots. They were a strapy black knee high boot.

Mary and I sang “Just Fine”. I just wasn’t invited on stage.


No. More. Drama.



For the rest of the Mary Photos Click HERE.

The Summer Concert Series is held in Central Park. No tickets are needed. Go Early. Take Water and Breakfast. Bring Your Camera. Leave your lawn chair at home or surrender it at the gate. Check the weather too. It was a little chilly until about 8am.

Check the link below for the rest of the summer line up.