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Food Trucks.

The only food trucks I knew of in NC were the F150’s with trailers attached to the back,  parked at construction sites. The thought of eating anything from them made me itch.

Then we moved to Jersey.  Every evening, a few brightly painted trucks line up at the train stop, greeting hungry  commuters  headed home. One  evening Mr. Spicy Lens suggested we try out The Krave. With lots of reservations, we drove up the street and stood in line. To my surprise lots of people were waiting for their dinner outside of an old delivery truck.

After an extra long prayer, I looked down at my styrofoam tray filled with a Kimchidilla. I took a small bite and was pleasantly surprised.  Kimchidillas are a soft flour tortilla served with choice of meat, sour cream, shredded kimchi and monterrey jack cheese.



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Found a new blog while reading  Confessions of a Young Married Couple. It’s called Six in the City. Following each weekend, she posts mainly photos of her family’s weekend. Then she lets readers add their own weekend bits to her post. Here’s mine!

Friday, I got up before the sun and went to see Mary J. Blige in Central Park.

Mr. Spicy Lens’ family came into town.  I cooked two Hashbrown Casseroles for breakfast.
We have been snacking on them all weekend. I think it tastes even better around 3pm with a glass of Coke!

Around 3pm on Friday. The door bell rang. My mom sent an Edible Arrangement, thanking us for our hospitality during her visit a few weeks ago.

On Saturday, we embraced our inner tourist and honored our house-guests’ wishes. We went to China Town and Little Italy.

Dragon Fruit in China Town. They were beautiful. I have no idea what to do with them. So I just took a photo.

Cue “Empire State of Mind.” Our view from the NY Waterway Cruise.

Tonight we walked down to the Hudson to see the fireworks from the Jersey side of the river.


I took my backpack, tripod, remote and zoom lens. Found a good spot along with another shutterbug and enjoyed the show.




Now, excuse me while I pass out. Happy 4th of July.

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Mr. Spicy Lens headed out of town last weekend and the girls came to town! Three dear friends and Bride-maids 🙂 Jasmine, Tiffany and Randi. I was excited all week leading up to their arrival.  The plan was to catch up, get mani/pedis and play in the city Saturday.

Tiffany’s Birthday was Wednesday so we headed over to Carlo’s Bakery‎ in Hoboken, prior to her arrival. I watched the show prior to our move. A few weeks after being here it clicked… WE LIVE DOWN THE STREET FROM THE CAKE BOSS!!!! Every time I have headed over to Hoboken, the line has been out the door or its after hours. For those who aren’t familiar, the Cake Boss is a reality TV show based on a family owned bakery.

Last Friday was our lucky day! We headed inside and stood around like Charlie in the Chocolate Factory for the first 5 minutes. Just pointing at pastries and breathing in the sweet smell of sugar.


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